In most, but not all, cases in which the claims insurance adjuster is telling you where to take your motor vehicle to get repair estimates the body shop and the insurance company have a very close working relationship.  Sometimes, the body shop gives low estimates (and sometimes poor quality repair work) to claimants so it can get high volumes of referral work from the insurance company.  This situation or working arrangement  usually means big savings for the insurance company.  However, it can also mean trouble for you if you get your car or motorcycle back and it does not function properly or the repair work looks bad (sometimes the new paint does not match the old paint).  You must be extremely cautious in these situations.  At my law firm we have seen terrible paint jobs and awful body work.

If you agree to take your car to an insurance referred body shop, you should make sure everything appears good (outside and inside) BEFORE you sign the property damage release of work from the body shop.  If you notice problems soon after (the sooner the better), you should immediately contact the insurance company and request a "supplemental check" on repair work.   

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