The insurance company may be watching you.If you are worried that you are being followed by someone after you file a claim for compensation for your injuries in a car accident, you may not be wrong. The negligent driver’s insurance company could have hired a private investigator to spy on you. In addition, this is not the only way they may watch you.

Why the Insurance Company May Spy on You

When you file a claim with the insurance company, an insurance adjuster will be assigned to investigate your accident and settle your claim. They may hire a private investigator to watch you as part of their investigation. 

Why would they do this? They are checking to see if your injuries are as serious as you claim. They are also looking for ammunition to deny your claim or pay you less than the full compensation you deserve. They are hoping to catch you doing activities that you could not do if you were as seriously injured as you claim.

The insurance company could spy on you at any time before they settle your claim so you need to be prepared for these tactics until you receive a settlement. The most common times that they engage in surveillance are before a victim’s deposition and their jury trial. You should be extra careful about your actions at those times.

Common Surveillance Tactics Used by Insurance Companies

Private investigators use a variety of techniques to watch car accident victims. It is important to understand what they are so that you do not accidentally weaken your case. Here are common techniques they use:

  • Fixed surveillance. This type of spying is also called a stakeout where the investigator watches your activities from one location or uses a video camera to record your actions.
  • Social media. Another common practice that a private investigator or the insurance adjuster could employ is to check your social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for damaging posts, photos, and other information. They may do this periodically or could even try to friend you using a false account.
  • Tracking. Another tactic that the investigator could use is to follow you or track you through a GPS tracker. If they trail you, they may use more than one vehicle and private investigator so that you do not realize that they are watching you.
  • Interviews. The insurance company or the private investigator could interview family members, neighbors, friends, or co-workers to try to find damaging information they can use against you.

If you were injured in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, you need the help of an experienced car accident attorney to negotiate your settlement and protect you from these and other unfair insurance tactics. To find out about your options and how I can assist you, contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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