Your landlord should have liability insurance that offers insurance protection if someone is injured on his or her property.  This could be under a liability provision or even a "medical pay" provision, or both.  To obtain compensation for your slip and fall injuries, you will need to file a claim with your landlord’s insurance company and let them investigate the matter with you and your lawyer (assuming you retained a lawyer).  However, depending on how severe your case is in terms of legal liability or medical damages, or the other factors involved, you might want to move forward with a lawsuit against your landlord directly.  

Many people, rightly so, are hesitant to file a claim against their landlords for fear that it will lead to eviction or hurt the landlord/tenant relationship.  However, your medical injuries must take paramount priority and If you are worried about what might happen if you pursue your claim against your landlord, you should consider hiring, or at least consulting, with an experienced California slip and fall attorney.  A good slip and fall attorney will tell you that if your injuries are severe, and your relationship with your landlord will go sour, your injury case must take priority in your life. Also, there is a chance the claim or lawsuit will not ruin your relationship with your landlord too.

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