Oceanside child injury lawyer Mark C. Blane represented a twelve-year girl in a severe rear-end auto accident in Oceanside, California near the 78 interchange.  The collision was so bad that the little girl had to be life-flighted via helecopter from the accident scene.  She was life flighted to Rady's children's hospital in San Diego where she spent the night for 3 days in the head trauma unit.  She sustained head injuries along with minor soft tissue injury to the spine.  She did treat shortly with physical therapy and her head trauma turned out to be a severe concussion with no permanent head injuries.  She was very luck to have this result given the nature of the impact.  The vehicle collision photos were extremely shocking and the emergency workers commented that they were surprised to see that she had survived the collision!   Thank goodness she was secure in her seat belt.

The other good news was all of her medical care was covered under a private health insurance plan, and Mr. Blane was able to negotiate any health lien reimbursement to $0.00 after he secured a policy limit award of $100,000.00! This was a huge savings for the injured girl in terms of her net recovery because no money had to be paid back to the private health plan from the settlement proceeds.  Oh yes, this was on top of the insurance company arguing possible "apportionment of fault" because the driver of the car the injured girl was in may have switched lanes in front of the bullet vehicle. Needless to say, the girl is back to playing sports and enjoying her life. 

$100,000.00 Policy Limits

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