La Mesa Child Injury and Accident Lawyer Mark C. Blane represented a 7-year old girl from the La Mesa California area in a car accident in which she sustained head injuries.  Thankfully the little girl had her seat belt on and she was transported to Sharp Grossmont hospital in the San Diego area.  She did not have to spend the night in the hospital but she did receive physical therapy for several months.  All of the medical care was covered under a private health insurance policy, and Mr. Blane negotiated down a substantial savings on the health lien reimbursement from the settlement proceeds.  Most people do not realize they have to pay back their private health carrier, in most circumstances, from a third party settlement.  Needless to say, Mr. Blane was successful in this endeavor and managed to obtain a fair settlement and judge approval of the settlement in a local San Diego superior court for the little girl.


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