Example of Soft-Tissue Case Settlements with AMA 5th Edition Impairment Rating:

Defendant Insurance Company:  State Farm
Medical Specials: $8,500.00
Wage Loss: $0.00 (Student)
Injuries:  Soft Tissue
Property Damage:  $8,200.00
Gap in Care:  2.5 Month Gap in care (gap documented), just one ER visit then began D.C. visits; Chiropractic Care term was 3-4 months; M.D. “book-ended” D.C. care
MRI of left Shoulder; Finding:  completely normal!  M.D. explanation:  can still have nerve irritation in whiplash injury, or trauma/injury without compression, and still entitled to best diagnostic tool on the market to rule out nerve impingement.
Injections:  1 steroid injection
AMA Impairment 5th Edition:  7% WPI, cervical spine, by M.D.
Settlement:  $30,000.00 without litigation.


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