The American Medical Association (AMA) Guidelines allow for an impairment to be documented by the AMA 5th or 6th Edition. My law office is one of the few maverick law firms in California that routinely seek this vital medical documentation to help document medical damages. The AMA guidelines are used not only in the United States, but world-wide, to objectively document an impairment. In fact, the California workers’ compensation system has adopted these guidelines in their impairment ratings to determine permanent impairment for injured workers.

An impairment is the medical assessment of injury to the function of a particular body part. Thus, this type of medical documentation is often over looked not only by treating physicians, but also the attorneys who represent injured consumers. It is unnecessary as it is a vital component to a personal injury case.

If you or someone you love has been injured and has been diagnosed with an AMA Impairment due to the negligence of someone else, please contact Attorney Mark C. Blane for a free case evaluation as you may be entitled to monetary compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages under the law; you may contact Attorney Mark C. Blane at (888) 845-6269 toll free, or direct at (619) 813-7955, or email at
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