Liability is also imposed by statute (California law) on parents for the intentional misconduct of children in other situations. These other situations include:

  Per California Civil Code section 1714.3, injury caused by a discharge of a weapon by a minor under 18 years if the parent either permitted the minor to have a firearm or left the firearm in a place accessible to the minor, although such liability is limited to $30,000 for injury to or death of one person per one injured person or $60,000 for injury to or death of all persons involved in a single event.

  Per California Education Code section 48904(a), an intentional act resulting in injury or death to any student or any person employed by performing volunteer services for a school district or private school; 

  Per California Vehicle Code sections 17150, and 17707, an intentional or negligent act by a minor in driving a parent’s vehicle with parent’s express or implied permission.  

The bottom line is all parents assume legal responsibility for their children. California law enforces this responsibility through the California court system.


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