La Jolla Brain Injury Law Firm: La Jolla Head Trauma Attorney discusses symptoms of a Brain Injury

La Jolla Brain Injury Attorney Mark C. Blane discusses the Symptoms of a Brain Injury:

Any Trauma to the head/brain can impair or disrupt Brain Function. Here are some symptoms I have found in my La Jolla Injury Law Practice with regards to Head Trauma in general:

1. Behavioral Changes (I use witness testimony in addition to medical tests to help show this change);
2. Impaired Memory (again witness testimony can help shed light on how a person was before the head injury);
3. Slowed Thinking;
4. Inattention;
5. Faulty or Impaired Judgment;

The trick is to sort out the bonafide brain injuries from the effects of other medical conditions like a migraine, depression, or preoccupation with financial loss (job interruption or the like). In my next posting, I will discuss the types of medical tests used in documenting a head trauma or brain injury; in fact, I briefly touch upon these medical tests in the following Brain Injury video at the following link: La Jolla Brain Injury Attorney Discusses Brain Injuries-Briefly Outlines the Medical Tests Used in Proving a Brain Injury Brain Trauma

Mark Blane
Founder of The Law Offices of Mark Blane, APC
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