El Cajon Brain Trauma Law Firm: Legal and Medical Difficulties for Brain Injuries in Children

It is more difficult to measure or document the loss functionality of the brain in a child. Why is this so?

In adults, there are usually prior medical records, prior medical history, job histories, and more adult witnesses who know the adult that can testify as to the behavior change they see. I sometimes call this the HIDDEN DAMAGES in a brain injury legal case. Earlier in our medical history, doctors and medical experts assumed that children in general were more resistant to a brain injury or head trauma in comparison with adults due to the fact that they were growing. Medical evidence as to this appears to still be on the fence, and even some medical research suggests that children are more prone to brain trauma in comparison to adults with even the same force or trauma.

If you would like more legal information on El Cajon Brain Trauma Law Firm, you can view the following video on Head Trauma at the following link: El Cajon Brain Trauma Law Firm: Legal & Medical Difficulties with Brain Injuries in Children

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