Colossus is a computer program that is the auto industry's leading computer system for assisting claims adjusters in the evaluation of bodily injury claims from accidents.  It assists claims adjusters in interpreting value to medical reports and to look up definitions of injuries, treatments, complications and permanent impairments using AMA 4th Edition guidelines data.
As I have posted in other blogs and articles, the problem with Colossus is found in its potential for abuse. If a claims adjuster forgets, or worse, ignores a piece of medical evidence in a person's or attorney's settlement demand package, then it can skew to the injured party's detriment what the claim value of the particular injury or injuries should settle for if the case or claim went to a jury trial.  

The following list shows which auto insurance companies, in the United States and beyond, known to use or license Colossus (with approximate begin dates) and it is not exhaustive:

1. Aetna
2. Allstate (by 1997)
3. American Family Group of Madison, Wis (since November 1996)
4. Arrow Claims Management, an affiliate of Arrowhead General Insurance Agency (August 1997)
5. Arrow Claims Management, an affiliate of Arrowhead General Insurance Agency (August 1997)
6. Bishopsgate Insurance (April 2000)
7. California State Automobile Association (October 2000)
8. Explorer Insurance Company, Burbank, California (December 1997)
9. Farmers Insurance (May 2000)
10. Federated Mutual Insurance Company, Owatonna, Minnesota (April 1998)
11. General Casualty Insurance Companies (Winterthur Swiss Insurance Group) (July 1998)
12. Grange Mutual Casualty Insurance Companies, Columbus, Ohio (December 1998)
13. Great American Insurance Company (American Financial Group, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio) (April 2, 1998)
14. Hartford Financial Services (May 2000)
15. Keystone Insurance Companies of Philadelphia
16. Metropolitan Group, R.I.
17. Norwich Union (UK)
18. Motorists Mutual-American Hardware Insurance Group, Columbus, Ohio (December 1998)
19. Ohio Casualty Group of Insurance Companies (January 1998)
20. State Auto Insurance Companies of Columbus, Ohio (September 1996)
21. 20th Century Industries (February 1997)
22. Travelers/Aetna Property Casualty, (September 1996)
23. USAA (United Services Automobile Association) (February 1997)
24. Westfield Companies (August 2000)
25. Zurich Personal Insurance (June 1998)

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