There are estimates that at least 10,000 patients may unnecessarily have suffered kidney damage due to use of aprotinin (Trasylol) during heart surgery. Many patients may have been injected with Trasylol to reduce blood loss during coronary artery bypass (CABG) surgery. Thus, the goal with using Trasylol was to stop bleeding during the heart bypass surgery. The Food and Drug Administration approved Aprotinin in 1993, a drug marketed by Bayer as Trasylol. Sales of Trasylol over the past several years have escalated to more than $600 million.

Patients undergoing heart surgery are largely unaware if Trasylol was used during their heart surgery. The decision to use aprotinin (Trasylol) was made by a patient’s treating doctor and the documentation would be found in those records if a patient is unaware if it was used. I realize that most patients have had successful heart surgeries and are concerned that nothing negative happens to their doctors. I am here to make sure that if you have suffered Trasylol kidney damage, stroke or heart failure I will work to hold the responsible drug company accountable, not the doctors using or prescribing the medication in good faith. A recent study, published by the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) (2006) reported a connection between Trasylol and increased risk of renal (kidney) failure, myocardial infarction, heart failure or stroke in patients who have had heart surgery (see below for more details).

Aprotinin (Trasylol) affects the way in which blood clots inside the body–just as using Vioxx affected the chemicals in the blood with their blood clotting mechanism. Trasylol is injected into patients who are undergoing open heart surgery as excessive bleeding, during and after heart surgery, is a very serious complication. Such bleeding exposes patients to multiple risks during and after such surgery. Trasylol is primarily used during repeat coronary artery bypass surgery to reduce the amount of bleeding associated with such surgical procedures. The amount of blood transfusion required is reduced by using clotting medications including Trasylol which is why it was heavily utilized.

The NEJM study concluded that 2 other generic drugs are available that are safer and less expensive than Trasylol.

1. The generic Amicar cost per dose s $11
2. The generic Cyklokapron cost per dose is $44
3. Trasylol cost per dose is $1300.

Neither of the generic drugs was associated with increased risk of kidney failure, heart attack or stroke. If you or a loved one has had open heart surgery and then experienced Trasylol kidney damage, heart failure or stroke, you may be able entitled to money damages. Trasylol attorneys can help evaluate your claim; you may contact Attorney Mark C. Blane toll free at (888) 845-6269, or via email at
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