In order to successful PROVE A BRAIN INJURY has occurred in court, you have to show the Jury proof of DIFFUSE AXONAL INJURY aka “DAI.” DAI is a fairly common brain injury, and one of the most severe in traumatic brain injuries; this is because DAI injuries to the brain cover more areas of the brain matter/tissue than an injury that is more focused. The axons connect nerve cells in the brain and when they are injured, or torn/stretched, they can cause unconsciousness or coma. Usually one half head traumas have this type of injury; it can also be seen in MILD brain injury too!

It can be frequently overlooked in a Personal Injury Case, which makes it crucial for one seeking a good Brain Injury Attorney to make sure that Attorney has the experience to assist with documenting this injury through appropriate medical experts and tests. For more info on this, please see a video I did at: San Diego Brain Injury Attorney Mark C. Blane – Brain Injury/Trauma

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