We all have an expectation that we will be safe around dogs. However, 99% of the time, when there is a dog bite injury, it is usually do to an irresponsible dog owner. Remember, these injuries are preventable. Yet, we live in a world where people have pets and many pets are dogs. Dog owners have to be responsible when it comes to dog ownership. Too may times, dog bites occur due to a dog not being properly restrained.

Who do you sue in cases like these? 

It depends...is the dog owner a:

1. Business?

2. Private person?

If a business, is there a business liability policy to pursue?

If a private person, is there homeowner's insurance to pursue? If the private person does not own a home, is there a renter's liability policy to pursue? If the private person does not have renter's insurance, is the landlord responsible?

In California, in order to get the landlord on the hook for a tenant's dog, you have to prove the landlord knew of the dog being with the renter, and that that landlord knew of the dangerous propensities of the dog. A very high standard to prove up which is why landlord liability in California for a dog bite is very difficult to prove. This is why an experienced dog bite injury lawyer is needed to see if there is a case to be made. 

If you, or someone you know, has been injured in a California dog bite attack, first download my free injury guidebook BY CLICKING THIS LINK. The book will let you know about what you can expect, your legal rights, and if you even need a lawyer for your dog bite.

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