San Diego California dog bite lawyer Mark Blane walks you step-by-step in the legal process of "who you sue" due to injuries sustained from a dog bite or animal attack. Namely, you want to find out which person owned the dog that bit - is he or she a homeowner? Is he or she a renter? Or do you have to sue the person directly which means finding out if the dog owner has any assets worth pursuing? All of these items have to be balanced with the nature and type of injuries and what insurance is available. It is better if the dog owner owns a home in which liability can be extended. Normally, homeowner's policy are very liberal and will cover for a dog bite liability. Most of the times dog bites occur outside the home on a "dog-walk." Since such trips derive from the home, homeowner's liability coverage will extend to the injury for coverage. There are narrow exceptions but that is for another video! If you have questions, please feel free to call me directly at (619) 813-7955. Have a great day!

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