Susan was bitten in series of three seperate dog attacks in the period of approximately 3 years. All separate incidents. Because she was a US Postal worker at the time of the attacks, it involved Federal Workers' Compensation to pay for the medical care. I represented Susan on all three separate attacks. Each one involved an irresponsible dog owner. If all dog owners would take reasonable precautions to restrain their pets, as required by California law, injuries would decrease darmatically. 

Remember, it is simple. If you want to enjoy dog ownership, it comes with simple and safe responsibility. Unfortunately, it is mostly children who fall prey to dog attacks and dog bites because they are much smaller than adults, and they are much more curious and will approach a dog more unexpectedly. Even more reason dog owners and parents should be on guard when there is a stranger's dog around them. For Susan, her cases all resolved successfully with my help. 

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