You need to have the proper understanding of your bodily injury case in order to receive what you deserve for your troubles. In this video, attorney Mark C. Blaine explains the intricacies of an Independent Medical Exam (IME). He gives this explanation to help you understand the law in case you must be evaluated by a defense doctor. Watch this video to learn more. If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, visit the website of the law firm of Mark C. Blane to learn what will be required of you under California law. An Independent Medical Exam is far from independent, since the administering doctors are hired by insurance companies with the goal to minimize your injuries and blame them on other causes. Therefore, you need to have a good attorney on your side to help you understand the process and get what you deserve. Our personal injury attorneys will provide you with a free legal evaluation and relay your options. You can also visit our website to view informative and free resources, including blogs and articles that will help educate you on the IME process.
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