If you have been injured in a Southern California accident and are looking to hire an attorney, you should watch this video clip from injury attorney Mark C. Blane. He explains what makes a good lawyer and what you need to look for when hiring onea lawyer to represent your California personal injury case. One lawyer can differ from another in how actively he works with your medical care and findings. The evidence of your case hinges on your medical findings. You want to hire someone who knows how to manage these findings and who will guide you through the process. The attorneys who make sure that their clients get their injuries and medical concerns documented understand that details make the difference in the outcome of a case. If you do not have your injury documented properly, an insurance company may not be able to understand your medical impairment, your need for future medical care, or your ongoing pain. Insurance companies use software programs to come up with a value of your personal injury case. Therefore, your medical evidence becomes a critical component of your injury case. Make sure you seek medical attention immediately following your injury, and speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer to understand what next steps are crucial to your case. Call Southern California personal injury attorney Mark C. Blane at (888) 845-6269 for your free legal evaluation today.