There is no doubt about it, the Italian language is simply one of the most beautiful languages in the world - next to French, and Spanish, it is no wonder why the world's most beloved Operas and Aureas are set to this language. As a romance language, it is spoken mainly in Europe to include the following countries:  Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, and parts of France. According to the European Union, approximately 65 million people speak the language as a mother language, followed by approximately 14 million people as a second language. Here in this video, Mark Blane tries his hand with the challenges of the language while ordering from the menu at the Rossopomodoro (Red Tomato) Ristorante while vacationing in Venice, Italy. He has dedicated long hours of study after mastering a great command of the Spanish language; in fact, he highly recommends anyone who knows Spanish to try their hand at Italian since most of the grammar structure and verbs (the heart of any language) are almost identical! He is fond of a quote that goes something like this: "when you simply communicate with someone not from your part of the world you speak to their head, but when you speak to someone in their own language, you speak to their heart."  Check out other videos of Mark speaking German and Spanish.
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