Mark C. Blane explains in this video that not everyone who falls down in public has a slip and fall case. In fact, individuals often face difficulty in their attempts at establishing liability in such cases. Watch this video to find out more about establishing proper liability in a slip and fall accident case. Most people think that if they slip and fall in a public place, then they automatically have a lawsuit. They fail to consider the many aspects for establishing liability in these cases. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, then you need to evaluate three main factors before filing a lawsuit. First, did the object or slippery substance originate with a store? Next, did the store know about the hazardous condition? Lastly, was the object or substance that caused the fall open and obvious? If your accident meets the criteria, then you should definitely speak with a California slip and fall attorney. Sometimes liability is not clear, and defense attorneys will try to poke holes in your case. Because of the challenge of establishing liability in a slip and fall case, you will need an experienced attorney to fight for you. Also, visit our website to view our blogs, articles, and frequently asked questions regarding premises liability. Reading this information will help educate you on these types of cases, helping increase your chance of a successful outcome.
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