In this video, San Diego injury attorney Mark C. Blane explains the uniqueness of every personal injury case. The length of your personal injury case can be unpredictable, since it depends on three factors. Watch this video to learn more. The three factors that differentiate your case include: how long your body takes to heal from an accident, how long your doctors take to complete their medical findings, and how long it takes your attorney to communicate the medical findings to the insurance company for review. Because every injury is unique, each case takes a different amount of time. For example, someone who needs immediate surgery will have a medical timeline that differs from someone who will need surgery down the road. You would be wise to hire an experienced injury attorney who can make sure that insurance companies review all of your medical evidence in a timely manner. Once you are released from medical care, your attorney will send a comprehensive demand to the insurance company. After this action has been taken, your attorney will have a better idea of how long your case will take. Our personal injury legal team will provide you with a free legal evaluation and relay your options. You can also visit our website to view other informative and free resources.
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