San Diego injury attorney Mark C. Blane explains in this video how insurance companies obtain a settlement value for an injury case. If you have been injured in a Southern California accident, you should watch this video to find out more about the process. Most insurance companies use computer software programs to come up with a value for your personal injury case. However, some still use paper formats. Either way, the insurance adjustors manually input evidence into these programs. They look at the intensity of the California personal injury, duration of medical care, permanence of physical impairment, and wage loss suffered by the victim. All of this information gets analyzed and ultimately equated into a value. The insurance company then uses this value to weigh your settlement case. Since any medical findings are physically inputted, there remains room for error. Make sure you hire an experienced personal injury attorney who understands what to look for and how to maximize your settlement. You can read more about how insurance companies review personal injury cases on our website. We also have other videos that address this issue in further detail.
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