San Diego personal injury attorney Mark C. Blane explains in this video how insurance companies use computer software programs to obtain settlement values for injury cases. Did you know that zip codes matter and are evaluated in your San Diego accident settlement? Watch this video to find out more. When insurance companies input your information into their computer software programs, the software matches your case to other jury wards from a specific demographic and court house to determine a fair value for your case settlement. The importance of this information lies in the fact that the amount of money people receive in their injury cases differs between zip codes. For example, in Southern California a significant disparity in awards exists between different jurisdictions and zip codes. This stems from varying views of the role of money in the life of the individual. Visit the website of the law firm of Mark C. Blane to get a better understanding of how insurance companies operate and to affix a settlement value to your case. Also, check out the articles, blogs, and videos that appear on the site.
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