Rob went with his small daughter to a local San Diego yogurt shop...he had no idea that he was about to get a concussion injury when he was enjoying his purchase in a booth with his daughter. When he was adjusting the blinds because the sun was glaring inside, the box that contain the entire blinds rolled up detached and fell about 8 feet onto the top of his head. The weight of the box holding the blinds was heavy, and being attached to the long blinds added extra weight.

Rob told me he was thankful the box hit his head and not his small daughter's head as it could have killed or injured her more severely. This kind of injury could have happened to anybody shopping for yogurt and sitting in one of the booths. A store has a duty to make sure there are no hidden dangers inside the store that they are aware of or should be aware, a simply inspection by the store owner would have discovered the loose bracing. This means the injury was 100% PREVENTABLE by the store owner.

If it is predictable it is preventable. This the drumbeat I march to on every injury case, because every injury case starts with someone not being careful enough and violating a safety rule...this is why we have safety rules in place, to prevent injuries. 


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