Oscar Wilde paints a colorful portrait of Victorian England through his main character of Dorian Gray by playing with themes of morality, vice and decadence. It is no wonder why his only novel entitled "The Picture of Dorian Gray" stirred quite the controversy of his time. You can hear about my thoughts on the book itself in the video, but here is something to think about: 

So, how does this book and the time it was written possibly relate to your California injury case today?

Well, the Victorian Age of Wilde's time was one of rules and etiquette, and vice was talked about frequently and definitely had its place. It was a unique time to be alive in that respect. Now, since 2020 is coming to a close with a world-wide pandemic experienced by everyone, I have notice that insurance companies are using Covid in their negotiations for injury cases. More explicitly, I am hearing chatter about "Covid Rules," and how civil jury trials really won't pick up pace until 2022. The excuse is being used as an attempt to try and devalue an injury case. Like Oscar Wilde's day, we are living in unique times with different, or shifting rules on how to interact with one another, and that affects jurors who are called for their civic duty.

I tell the adjusters and defense lawyers that just because Covid is happening does not mean we still do not have the Constitutional right of a jury trial for an injury case (assuming an injury case goes that far). And, if necessary, we always have the option of going to arbitration instead if both sides agree. And, if not, then no matter how long it takes, we wait for the jury trial. "Virtual Jury Trials" are being experimented on right now through Zoom and other online video platforms with great success. Just like depositions and other meetings are being done entirely on computer video screens. 

Are we living through a time of decadence by the insurance companies trying to exploit Covid as a negotiaion tactic on injury cases? Possibly so. Yet, as with anything worth fighting for, we march forward with what we have to work with. Just as Oscar Wilde did when he first published his book, it was censored by the Magazine editor without his knowledge. This was a betrayal of literary trust. What did Oscar Wilde do? He republished the book with his famous "Preface" on "art being art for art's sake." He simply adapted, and moved on to do his work. 

So the next time you hear anything about how Covid, and the times we are living in will negatively impact your injury case. Just keep in mind there are options and answers that still lie on the horizon, and it is not all doom and gloom.  If you have questions about your injury case or how it may or may not be impacted by Covid, I invite you to contact me anytime at 619.813.8955. I answer questions like yours every single day, and I would be glad to help you.

Stay strong, Attorney Mark Blane

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