Another Satisfied Client!

It gives me great pride to help those by becoming their voice in or out-of-court on their injury case. The "process" of an injury case can sometimes be both confusing and challenging. Here, in this video, Brian tells you why he chose my law office, and how I helped him in his San Diego car accident case. Obtaining medical care can sometimes be challenging as well. Utilizing a good injury lawyer can help with that process. As an injury trial lawyer, I cannot "direct" medical care, but I can certainly counsel my clients as to different medical modalities in relation to their legal case. Surrounding yourself with good medical doctors that know how to document your injuries is sometime key in a case. Sometimes client's need to be referred to a specialist that is, for whatever reason, not supported in their private healthplan; or sometimes, a client does not have a health plan to go under. These challenges really benefit from using a good injury trial lawyer. Brian was happy he found me, and I was happy to be there for him in his time of need.


Mark Blane
Founder of The Law Offices of Mark Blane, APC