One of the main reasons people do not hire attorneys is because they do not think they can afford it. It is true that lawyers can be expensive, and if you end up losing your case, that’s just another expense that you have to pay with money you may not have. At the Law Offices of Mark C. Blane, we understand that you are seeking our help because you want a positive result to your case, not to throw away your money. That is why we operate under a contingency fee, meaning that we do not charge anything for our fees, time or costs until we win your case. The absolute last thing you need is a lost case and more lost money. If you are considering hiring an attorney to handle your personal injury case, contact the San Diego personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Mark C. Blane. Call 888-845-6269 toll free, or visit their website, where you can order a FREE copy of his book, California Personal Injury Guide: The Ten Secrets You Need To Know About Your Injury Claim, BEFORE You Call A Lawyer.