This peer endorsement comes from "fellow San Diego lawyer in the community" Mr. Christopher Capalbo. He and I worked together on a personal injury case where I was going after the at-fault third party for an injury settlement. Mr. Capalbo represneted the interests of the work comp carrier that paid all the medical care for the injured worker. He did an outstanding job in helping me fight the at-fault insurance company:
“I worked with attorney Mark Blane on a complex personal injury litigation matter. We each represented plaintiffs in litigation against a negligent defendant. Proving liability on these set of facts was tough and Mark demonstrated superior litigation skills in putting forth the strongest case possible. The case ultimately ended up with an excellent result due to his hard work and vigours advocacy on behalf of his client. I would recommend Mark to anyone seeking personal injury representation.”

Attorney Christopher Capalbo, partner attorney at Siegel, Moreno & Stettler, APC
San Diego, California 

Posted to my profile on March 25, 2010

Attorney Christopher Capalbo