Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert  
“I naively thought the process of working with your auto insurance company was the correct way to go after an accident. Months into working with them on my claim, their not being willing to answer my questions, I realized I needed lawyer. Despite being months into my case, Mark was able to step in and handle everything for me taking care of all so that I could simply focus on recovering my health. He really cared about my recovery and made sure I got what I needed to stay healthy. He is the type of attorney who is always there for you and available beyond the case, as needed. I have called him on many occasions since to ask questions, and not all auto related! It is without hesitation that I recommend him.”

 Ms. Gwyn Chafetz, Former Car Accident Client, hired Mr.  Blane  in 2002 
 Los Angeles, California 
Ms. Gwyn Chafetz, former car accident client, 2002