This written testimonial comes from a former bankruptcy client named John R. Connor back in 2001. Yes, before I fully specialized in personal injury law, I handled a few bankruptcy cases. This one I handeled with my Of Counsel Chad J. McGuire. Here is what John had to say:

"Dear Chad and Mark,

Just a short note to thank you both of you for your handling of my bankruptcy case. As both of you were well aware it was a very difficult and trying time for me. Given the many pressues I faced with my triple by-pass surgery, your overseeing of this case permitted me the necessary time to recuperate and afford me the opportunity of rebuilding my business.

Both of you displayed an exceptional level of expertise and professionalism in managing this proceeding. I truly appreciated your efforts to minimize the uncomfortable and intrusive nature of such a hearing. All along the way, you kept me abreast of each step in the process, returned my phone calls promptly and made certain that all filings and deadlines were met.

Both of you are to be commended for your efforts on my behalf during what was a most delicate time in my life.

Thank you once again.

John R. Connor

Dated February 17, 2001

Former Client, John R. Connor of Torrance, CA