Dr. Michael McCaleb DC, from Houston, Texas, reviews Mark Blane's personal injury book for doctors:


I wanted you to know that your book "Eff. Doc. P.I. A-Z has made it all the way down here into Texas. Houston to be precise.
Thank you for writing it. I am a D.C. who only does P.I. and have been working hard to shore up my documentation. I am in Dr. Cronk's Beta Consulting group and initially ordered 5 of your books to pass out. I have bought new software for soap notes, use outcome assessment questionnaires, computerized range of motion, DUD and LOE, and utilize Spinal Kinetics for LSMI so if was so good to hear an independent "guru" back up all that I am trying to do and give me insight into Colossus. My documentation has gone from around 30 pages to over 100 per case and created a lot more work for me but I feel so much better about what is going out of my office and it never hurts to do the right thing.  

The problem I am having is getting the attorneys to accept all of it and take the time to educate themselves. They all think I am full of it. None of them have ever heard much of this stuff before. Once I learn all of this stuff I am thinking of trying to put a CEU program together to teach them. It is really needed. They complain about low settlements but continue to do the same old thing. Frustrating.  Now I can give them a book so we can start walking on the same ground.
It is great to find a person like you who has taken the time to learn so much, is willing to take the time to share the info and who is accessible.

Thanks to you and Dr. Cronk."

Dr. Mike McCaleb D.C.              

January 17, 2013

Dr. Michael McCaleb, D.C.