"We all flew to the front of the bus. It was a hard stop. There were people on the floor on their hands and knees, and there was this one person who was bleeding. I work at the San Diego airport, so the easiest way to get to the employee parking lot is to use the Shuttle Bus. The bus stopped and nine other passengers, we all flew to the front of the bus. The bus driver had said the parking arm had failed, and about the time she realized it was not coming up she had to slam on her brakes. I did not think immediately that I was injured, so that is why I retruned to work doing my regular job and that is when I noticed the pain came into my neck and shoulder. So I felt okay something isn't right, and I did go to the chiropractor. I learned about Mark through Dr. Gottlieb. One thing I noticed about Mark was that he had compassion with me and whatever my issue was, and I felt comfortable with him taking on my case. He is very good with communicating, and I had his personal cell phone number so when I would call him for an update on my case, he would eithe return my call the same day or the very next day and say hey this is what is going on...this is going to be the next step...he was really there to help me and insure that I got what I deserved from the outcome of the case. He cares, and I would definitely recommend him!"  TO SEE THE VIDEO TESTIMONIAL CLICK HERE

Ms. Rose Clark, San Diego, California February 6, 2015