Currently, according to one recent statistic, almost half a million people in the United States are living with a spinal cord injury and some degree of paralysis. Every year, another 10,000 people suffer a spinal cord injury.  Approximately four out of five of those injury victims are males between the ages of 16 and 20 (a young age group). Nearly half of whom were hurt in motor vehicle accidentscar accidents, truck crashes, motorcycle accidents, ATV wrecks, or the like.  Injuries from falls or items falling on persons constitute injuries in the statistics.  Slightly more than 20 percent of spinal cord injuries are due to falls from heights, such as can happen in recreational accidents, construction site accidents, and faulty construction accidents, such as staircase or deck collapses. Shoddy repair can be a main reason for this even happening to a person.  Depending on the level of injury, the person may suffer paraplegia or quadriplegia which can cause severe physical and emotional consequences.

Other injuries are included in this analysis.  Less dramatic, though no less serious, fall type accidents become more common after age 45 (the older we get, the more we have to be careful about — slip-and-fall accidents, trip-and-fall accidents. These can cause herniated discs, which cause lasting, severe pain that limits the injured person's activities and diminishes quality of life.  Approximately eight (8) percent of spinal cord injuries are the result of sports and rec accidents, often diving accidents, which commonly result in quadriplegia because it injures the cervical vertebrae (neck area).  In order to achieve maximum physical recovery, our San Diego California spinal cord/brain injury clients will have many medical and rehabilitation needs. All of these types of needs can be tremendously costly, adding up to hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars over a lifetime.  These damages need to be documented through proper diagnosis.  Therefore, proper medical care and documentation are an essential pairing.  The injured client will need therapy to relearn basic skills for independent living, and a child may require an educational assistant or extra educational services.  Age analysis factors into child spinal cord or brain injury cases. An adult may no longer be able to do the job he or she once held and job retraining may be needed - sometimes we need to retain a forensic accountant for our San Diego Spinal Cord Injury cases in order to prove this wage loss in court.