I have personally seen over the years how diet is related to my injured client's healing time from an accident, and how their diet, pre-accident, has caused an entire host of other underlying medical conditions that have hampered their body's ability to assist in the healing process. Believe it or not, the body "wants" to heal itself 24 hours a day, and is a "self-healing" machine when placed in the proper environment. This includes "proper motion" with what is called physical therapy to help with both soft and hard tissue injuries. However, we tend to forget that the internal environment of the body is very important to the overall outer healing process. This is why I have become a big advocate of the proper foods (nutrition) that are so necessary for this healing process. This is just a good thing for anyone to be aware of with or without an accident that causes injuries.
Here is why it is so important: a major part of the healing process is a clean and nutrient rich blood flow. The cleaner you are in terms of toxicity the better your body has the ability of maintaining the alkalinity of your blood to carry nutrients and oxygen to your joints and tissues that may have injury. For any injury case no matter the injuries this is critical. For example, if your injury is soft-tissue in nature, which means all muscle and quite possibly ligament (see loss motion segment integrity), then proper nutrient rich blood flow is necessary to help your body heal itself. While it is true that it takes the body longer to heal muscle than ligament given the difference in tissue fibers, it is equally important for proper nutrient rich blood flow.
The same logic goes for hard-tissue type injuries like bone - proper nutrient rich blood flow is "king" in terms of assisting the body to help heal itself. Bone will take longer to heal as compared to muscle given the density in the tissue. The good news is the injured person has complete control in building proper nutrient rich blood flow because he or she can choose what they put in their mouths (diet). However, for some, diet can be the hardest part in their recovery period to change because if they have a bad diet that hampers a proper nutrient rich blood flow before an accident, they more than likely have had a bad diet for a long long time. The diet is a learned behavior stemming from childhood, parental influence and other environmental factors. Due to these difficulties, I have made a decision in my law practice to become an advocate of nutrition to assist my injured clients in their decision to make healthier choices in their diet.
I am not a licensed medical doctor, and this is not medical advice, but I know from both personal experience and practical experience that the healthier a diet is in the body the faster and more efficiently the body will heal itself from injuries sustained from an accident or trauma. So too will underlying pre-existing medical conditions that may have weakened a particular body part or body system. So you definitely get more than you bargained for when you make a healthy diet priority in your life. There is no "selective healing" when it comes to proper nutrition - the body will start healing itself as an entire system instead of a compartmental system. This has been documented by various nutrition experts through-out the years. Feel free to explore this area of my website to obtain answers to frequently asked questions on how nutrition and injury are abundantly related, and why it is important to raise your awareness in this regard. If you have any questions, feel free to pick up the telephone and call me directly at (619) 813-7955.