Real-Life Examples of Dog Bite Injuriesdogs running next to man riding bicycle

Under California law, the owner of a dog is said to be "strictly liable" for any resulting injuries and damages caused by the owner’s dog.

Our San Diego dog bite lawyer team has recovered for dog bite victims in all sorts of cases, including clients who, while on motorcycles, bicycles, and motor scooters, have been attacked by a dog.  Dogs tend to give chase to people in these types of transportation.

For example, we had a case where a dog dashed out to a riding bicyclist, causing the bicycle to fall and the client to fracture his right knee. We obtained a recovery against the dog’s owner in that specific case.

We had another case where the dog dashed against the client riding a motor scooter and threw him onto the pavement, causing abrasion-type injuries. We successfully proved it happened and obtained a favorable settlement from the dog owner’s insurance liability company by convincing them they should settle with our injured client.

We have also obtained recoveries for clients when a dog or dogs jumped on them and pushed them to the ground, causing injuries, including surgery.

Statistics for dog injuries are on the rise in California; unfortunately, these types of injuries still occur. Contact our San Diego dog bite attorney team today if you suffered a dog bite injury.

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