Sadly, many serious dog bite injuries are caused by a dog owned by a friend or family member, and as a a result, dog bite victims frequently worry about who will pay their damages because they don't want a friend or family member to endure the worry or burden of a legal claim or even a lawsuit. However, the good news is there is no reason to worry about this, since it is obvious under California law the dog owner is technically liable for the bite, the truth is legal damages for a California dog bite are usually paid by:

  1. Homeowner's insurance;
  2. Renter's insurance;
  3. Landlord's premise or property liability insurance (very tough to prove landlord liability in California - definitely consult a lawyer on this one or look at my other FAQ's on California Dog Bites and Landlords)
  4. Dog owner insurance (whatever that might be);
  5. Insurance covering employers and breeders, if, and only if, they are found to be legally responsible for the dog bite.