Case name:  Victoria Nguyen v. Hideki Kitamura, Case No.: 37-2014-00084059-CU-PA-CTL. This case was a side hit car accident in Chula Vista, California near the Otay Mesa Mall area on February 5, 2012. The defendant driver was approximatley 75 years old at the time of the collision. Ms. Nguyen was driving southbound on a private driveway leading across Otay Lakes Road after receiving a green light. The defendant driver had been traveling eastbound on Otay Lakes Road at approximately 50-60 miles per hour. He ran a red light and struck Ms. Nguyen's vehicle broadside as she was almost 90% through the intersection. The force of the impact was so great that it cause Ms. Nguyen's vehicle to veer to the left where she struck another vechicle. Ms. Nguyen's vehicle was a total loss, and both air bags were deployed. Ms. Nguyen was transported via ambulance to a hospital. I filed a lawsuit against the at-fault party and joined in associate trial counsel Edward Babbitt. We litigated the case and navigated many challenging defense arguments. Ms. Nguyen's damages included medical bills, pain and suffering, mileage to and from doctor visits, and pain and suffering damages. We were able to settle the case in mediation before retired judge, Herb Hoffman, approximately two months prior to a scheduled trial.


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