In today's modern world, we still have to watch out for hazards that can cause injury to minor children. Our San Diego child injury lawyer gives three hazards to be watchful of when it comes to minor children:

1. Unsafe Swimming Pool or Playground Equipment

In Southern California, swimming pools are part of our lives; especially inland from the coast where the weather can get hot, and the residents do not have the easy access to cool ocean breezes. Unfortunately, swimming pools can be deadly for children; drowning accidents as well as serious slip and falls happen all too often. This can be caused by unsafe surface areas around the pool or lack of adult supervision. Other factors include lack of safety and rescue equipment; improper pool covers or barriers around the pool; unsafe pool drains; and defective diving boards.

2. Defective Car Seats, Strollers, Cribs, Flammable Children’s Clothing, Window Blind Cords, or Defective Products That Are a Choking Hazard

Defective car seats are responsible for many serious injuries and fatalities to young children and infants each year.  This can be due to a design defect in the seat, or by improperly securing the seat in the vehicle. There have been problems associated with baby car seats not properly functioning correctly even though they are designed to shield children from injuries in a car accident. This can be true of any product designed for children.

3. Poisoning or Negligent Intoxication of Alcohol

Unfortunately, these types of accidents happen all too often. I once represented an injured child when he was served lemonade with alcohol in it at local corporate chain restaurant.  Fortunately, the emergency medical care he received and the two days he was monitored medically made all the difference in the world for him. The restaurant changed the way it serves its alcoholic beverages to ensure no alcohol make it in a child’s drink cup, and I always advise parents to taste their child’s drink when dining out in a restaurant because you simply never know what danger can be lurking when it comes to a young child.

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