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FREE Books to Anyone a Resident of California or who has been Injured in a California Accident

Attorney Mark C. Blane receives the Golden Quill Award from the National Academy of Best Selling Authors for his Best-Seller, "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, at the beautiful Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California, on October 21, 2011.

San Diego CA personal injury attorney Mark C. Blane has written and published a grand total of ten (10) Legal Help Books for injured folks in California that can be ordered for FREE! Yep, free of charge if you can believe it even though he sells them online through other websites (as long as you are a California resident, or injured in California)! Two of them, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, and Protect & Defend hit the Best-Sellers' List on Amazon.com! They are a great source of valuable legal information for victims of car accidents, dog bites, child injuries, slip & falls, pedestrian and bicycle accidents. They give you insider information on what you need to know beforecalling a lawyer, and this also includes insight the insurance companies would rather keep for themselves!!! If you are a California resident, or a person injured in a California accident, please take advantage of this valuable information and check our Free Legal Help Book Order section (which is provided below):

Auto, Motorcycle & Truck Accidents

FREE Best-Seller: PROTECT & DEFEND: Proven Strategies From America's Leading Attorneys

Recent Best-Seller on Amazon.com: Protect & Defend New Book Release
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FREE Best-Seller: WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING {What Ins. Does Not Want..}

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing | San Diego Accident & Injury Free Book I was honored when asked to team up and co-author this powerful book with fourteen other highly respected personal injury attorneys from across the United States. This included attorneys from the "golden state" California all the way to the East Coast! We came together for one common goal: to help the everyday consumer.
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California Drunk Driving Book for Accident & Injured Victims his book focuses on many different facets when it comes to a drunk driving accident and injury in California, the law, and the legal process an injured victim may face. What follows are examples of what you get in addition to the main points of this book
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FREE: The 10 SECRETS About Your Injury Case BEFORE You Call A LAWYER!

Ten Secrets With Your Injury Case Before You Call a Lawyer | San Diego California Personal Injury Guide: The Ten Secrets You Need To Know About Your Injury Case BEFORE You Call A Lawyer: Mark Blane guides you through the ten most important, but widely unknown, areas an injury victim should be aware of before calling or retaining a personal injury lawyer. He exposes the secrets that the insurance companies do not want you to know, and the simple fact that on some cases you may not need an attorney. A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: What Your Insurance Company Doesn't Want You To Know, & Won't Tell You Until It's Too Late! Mark Blane co-authors this book along with other prominent injury attorneys across the United States, and exposes how settlement value is determined by the insurance companies on a given injury claim through the use of computer programs. Most insurance companies use a computer software program to analyze settlement value; among the four computer programs in use today, Colossus is the oldest and most widely known followed by: InjuryIQ, Claims Outcome Advisor (COE), and Injury Claims Evaluator (ICE). COMING SPRING 2011 to Amazon.com, but will given for FREE through this website.
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FREE: Action Guidebook | Follow Mark on Maximizing Your Settlement!

Free San Diego Car Accident Action Guide| Wolf in Sheeps' Clothing Author Welcome to the FREE Action Guide download page! This Action Guide download is specifically designed for those of you that have a California accident, and...
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FREE Interview Ebook | How to Maximize Your Injury Case Value!

San Diego Injury Lawyer | Maximizing Your California Accident Case Value! In this 4 part digital series, Mark is going to guide you through the entire accident process from the scene to the insurance companies and into the courtroom. These tips and strategies are not only sound ‘best-practices’ but will also help you in the claims process to secure the amount that you deserve.
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Child Injuries & Accidents

JUSTICE FOR THE INJURED CHILD {A CA Parent's Legal Survival Guide}

Justice for the Injured Child | San Diego California Child Accident & Injuries This book is my most ambitious as it took over half a year of research to research and write. I examined over 50 California court cases, statutes and codes on child injuries and combined it with my personal experience as an injury attorney in California since 1999; I put it all together into concise segments that are easy to read.
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How to Prevent, Discover & Act on California Daycare Child Abuse This book focuses on many different facets when it comes to a child abuse or injury situation involving a daycare or childcare center or facility in California. It also addresses the law, and the legal process
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Slip & Fall Accidents

FREE: The ULTIMATE California SLIP & FALL Injury Legal Survival Book!

The Best California Slip & Fall Injury Legal Survival Book This book focuses on many different facets when it comes to a slip and fall injury in California, the law, and the process. What follows are examples of what...
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AMA Medical Impairment Injuries


How to EFFECTIVELY Document Your Patient's CA Personal Injury Case I wrote this book for medical professionals (medical doctors, doctors of osteopathy, specialists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, massage...
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Dog Bite Injuries


The Best California Dog Bite & Animal Attack Legal Survival Book This book focuses on many different facets when it comes to a dog bite or animal attack injury in California, the law, and the process. What follows are examples of what you get in addition to the main points of this book
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Abogado de Accidentes en San Diego


Los Diez Secretos Que Necesita Saber Sobre Su Caso De Lesión Antes De Llamar A Un Abogado PERSPECTIVA GENERAL (SOBRE EL LIBRO) POR SAN DIEGO ABOGADO MARK C. BLANE Todo, desde cómo una lesión es analizada para evaluar el arreglo de ésta hasta las tácticas de defensa ampliamente usadas por el seguro, es brevemente cubierto en estos capítulos que llamo secretos. Yo digo “brevemente” porque quiero que usted llegue rápidamente al corazón de la información. Digo secretos porque muchos de ellos no son bien conocidos o apenas conocidos por todos. También entiendo que la mayoría de personas que leen este libro necesitan esta información importante lo más pronto posible. Algunos de ustedes son víctimas con heridas y algunos de ustedes son personas que desean información importante que no está disponible fácilmente. Usted encontrará sólo la información necesaria. Puede ordenar copias adicionales de este libro gratuito para que sus amigos y miembros de su familia puedan aprovechar la valiosa información legal presentada. Siéntase libre de solicitar otros libros gratuitos que puede encontrar en mi página de Internet—www.blanelaw.com—y explorar los diferentes videosjurídicos que he elaborado sobre casos de lesión, el proceso, y las normas jurídicas de cuidado para casos de daños personales.
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