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This web page is one of the best online resources for personal injury news happening in state of California.  Dangerous roads, latest truck, car and motorcycle accidents, hit and run cases, pedestrians victims of speeding cars or hurt on unsafe premises, claim settlements ... our News section gives you a view on situations similar to what you may have experienced, situations our attorneys are familiar with as they work with passion to pursue justice for victims of accidents.  This could be new book releases, reports or other items of interest for the general public.

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  • Mark Blane Featured in Tom Foster Web Marketing Newsletter If you want to know how Mark Blane markets to his potential clients, it is real easy. He tries his very best to just be himself and shares that online.
  • San Diego Accident Attorney Mark C. Blane's New FREE Injury Book Be Proactive and Educate Yourself San Diego-based personal injury attorney, Mark Blane says most California injury victims know little or nothing about their legal rights let alone knowing what questions they’ll need to ask their lawyer—if in fact, they need an attorney, at all. And so begins Chapter One of this provocative and fact-filled little book.
  • Press Release: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Book | San Diego, CA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Personal Injury Attorney, Mark C. Blane, Signs Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress To Release “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” San Diego Accident Attorney Mark C. Blane, legal author and personal injury lawyer, has recently signed a publishing deal with business and marketing book publisher CelebrityPress, along with other leading attorneys from across the nation to release the legal guide, “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.”
  • CelebrityPress, Signs Publishing Deal With San Diego Accident Attorney A select group of America’s leading attorneys have joined with noted attorney and legal marketing expert, Ben Glass to co-write the forthcoming book titled, “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing: What Your Insurance Company Doesn't Want You To Know And Won't Tell You Until It's Too Late.”