Brain Injury

Brain injury accidents can be found in virtually any kind of injury-producing accident from auto accidents to sports injuries.  There are also divided into serious brain injuries and what is called mild traumatic brain injury or MTBI for short.   Serious brain injuries are easier to detect medically than mild brain injuries because generally speaking they leave some type of wound on the head. 

The more challenging brain injuries to detect tend to be MTBI's.  MTBI is commonly known as "concussion" type injury, and it is usually hard to detect by medical diagnostics like MRI's, or the like.  The reason for this is because the injury to the brain is done on a microscopic level to the nerve cells inside the brain with what is known as "axonal tears."  Basically, axons are the tendons to brain cells that carry information in the neuro-communication network.  When a concussion producing injury occurs, the brain is usually knocked against the inside of the skull bone causing tearing or meshing of the axonal tendons of the brain or nerve cells which can cause damage to brain itself.  Concussion injuries can produce behavioral or personality changes, as well as eye site disturbances or voice pattern changes.  It is very important that the family and friends of a person with a   MTBI watch the injured person very closely soon after the accident in order to detect any of the above changes.  If any change is noticed, you should consult with a physician right away.

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