CALIFORNIA AUTO ACCIDENT [REPORTING THE ACCIDENT|: What happens if I leave the scene of a California accident without reporting my information to the other party/parties or call the police?

If you fail to exchange information or report an injury to the police, and leave the scene of the accident, you may face criminal charges for hit-and-run; you may also be sentenced to jail or subject to a fine. Depending if you caused major injuries and fled, your actions may constitute a felony instead of a misdemeanor (which is less harsh than a felony conviction).

Thus, it is very important that you do not flee or driver your vehicle away from the scene of an accident. Hit and run charges are serious criminal offenses and you do not want to have a record of having one.  Even if you accidentally nick or hit someone's parked car in a parking lot, you are required, at the very least, to leave a note with your contact information. Also, by being responsible for your actions, you are setting a good example for yourself, your family and others. Just imagine if you are the victim of an accident, and the at-fault party fled the accident would not be very happy, and it just would not be the right thing to do.  As we help others we help ourselves, and this is very true of accidents we cause.  So, go do the right thing and report your information at the accident will make things go easier for you and the other party that is involved.