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What is my case worth? What should I do after a bicycle accident? My car's brakes didn't function properly, do I have a case? Should I sign the insurance company's proposal? Some of your questions may have been answered already on Mark Blane's website. However, San Diego county accidents happen all the time, and all sorts of different questions about different injury scenarios can be raised by a person who is injured. As a result, this personal injury website is dedicated to answering your frequently asked questions about a variety of injuries, your legal rights, and what procedures you should follow. Just browse our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section (below) and look them up. If you have other or more specific questions, just send an email (Contact Us) and you will receive a reply without delay!

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  • SPANISH: Do you and your legal staff speak Spanish, and serve Spanish-Speaking clients?


    I and my legal staff speak Spanish fluently. I began my study in the language early in school and up into the present day as I have always enjoyed learning and speaking the language.  I am proud to provide my legal services in Spanish, and I routinely represent Spanish-speaking clients.

    My contingency fee retainer agreement are in Spanish as well.  As an aside, I also speak German since German was my first language having been born and partly raised in Bremerhaven, Germany.