SLIP AND FALL ACCIDENT: What are some causes of Slip and Falls that you see in your California Injury Practice?

I see many causes of California slip and fall accidents; especially since I have been doing these types of cases in San Diego California since 1999.

As no surprise, there are thousands of injuries occurring each year due to slip and fall accidents stemming from many different causes.  Someone stumbling over a loose brick, falling down a defective staircase, or falling down an uncovered manhole can easily wind up in the hospital with injuries requiring long-term recovery time; not too mention expensive hospital bills.  No one knows whether a slip and consequence fall due to a slippery floor in a California supermarket or store like Ralphs, Vons, Albertsons, Michaels or Stater Brothers will lead to a sprained ankle or a severe broken leg.  

More Legal Questions About Slip and Fall Accidents?

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