The biggest question question I get once a person becomes aware of our path to eat vegan and how it benefits the body is "what portion of my diet needs to be raw vegan as compared to cooked meats?" 

My answer has come down to the following: increase the use of raw fruits and leafy green vegetables (included aromatic herbs like parsley, cilantro, etc.) as much as possible in your life which includes juicing, and blending. If you can get to 50/50 split (50% of your diet including raw fruits and vegetables) then I would say you are moving in a great direction. If you can get it to 80% (raw vegan) or higher, then you are doing fantastic, and you are probably moving into the 1% of the population that can do this who are eating the "standard American diet."

The fact still remains that all meat, which includes red meat, fish, poultry and pork contains cholesterol and no fiber. Usually, we (the typical consumer) eat the meat of muscles of the animals, and the cholesterol is in the tissues. Moreover, we don't know where most meat comes from in the grocery store today, and it is usually processed by a small group of corporations like Tyson, or the like. No time in history has our meat production been regulated by a small group of corporate interests. Also, in no time in our recent history have the animals been fed like an "army-factory," and not like a traditional farm we all think about. In these factories the animals are fed with unnatural grains, antibiotics, and other growth hormones that get trapped in the animal flesh. We all need to be more aware of these changes within the meat industry and how it affects our bodies.  Grandma was right, we are "what we eat."

The video above has Ms. Charlotte Gerson, daughter of famed German scientist, Dr. Max Gerson (the Gerson Institute), giving her opinion on the matter. I encourage you to research this question on your own and increase the use of fresh raw fruits and vegetables in your diet if you have not already done so. Experience is also a great teacher and it may make a believer out of you in good time when it comes to meat ingestion. If you have any questions, feel free to pick up the telephone and call me directly at (619) 813-7955.
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