The current number of dissatisfied Toyota owners who have filed suit in class-action type lawsuits now total approximately 89. These suits could reasonably cost Toyota about 3 billion or more in costs.

University of Pennsylvania Law Professor Tom Baker said a very big injury case would be $20 million, but you could have many Toyota owners who could each be owed approximately $1,000.00 each.

A Muli District Panel (MDP) will be formed to consolidate all Toyota cases; this is also done to consolidate discovery. Under Federal Law, you have to have 100 cases or more with damages at least $5 million to certify a Class Action Lawsuit. This hearing will be done here in San Diego on March 25, 2010. I will do my best to follow the legal news and post it here on this blog. Stay tuned for more information on this class action, that now has San Diego in the spotlight given the recent events with the auto makers vehicles.

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