Sewer Grates Represent San Diego Injury Hazard to Cyclists

Bicycling in a populated, urban city is dangerous enough without the added hazard of precarious sewer bars and grates. San Diego injury reports are on the rise as a result of these dangerously-placed bars and if you've been injured by one of them, you should contact a San Diego accident lawyer with experience in cyclist injury.

When sewer grates or bars face the same direction as traffic - meaning the bars are parallel to your wheels when you pass by or over them - they're posing a serious risk to cyclists who could ride on them and become caught in the grate.

Cyclists have a right to use safe roads, and many direction-of-travel grates have been fixed by being replaced with crosshatch grates or simply changing their direction. These are inexpensive remedies for what's otherwise a serious problem. If a city or county has failed to implement any solutions to the hazard to eliminate the danger, then that municipality's governing body may be held liable for any accidents or injuries incurred as a result.

Outspoken cyclists have prompted many city and county governments to rectify the problem by changing the shape or direction of these problematic sewer grates, but hazards still remain in many cities. If you've been injured, contact a San Diego accident lawyer who can answer your questions about a cycling San Diego injury.

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