Well, in a nutshell, yes! I am not a licensed medical doctor, and this blog article certainly is not medical advice, but I can certainly advocate health in terms of dietary needs, and give you my sincere opinions on it. Raw fresh and organic fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs in the daily diet is an excellent choice in terms of oxygenating your body with alkalinity and nutrients. Eat an apple or apples for lunch, or make a salad with a blended raw tomato, garlic, dill and a blood orange for dinner. If you are not already incorporating raw foods (fruits and vegetables) in your diet, do so incrementally. Small changes go a long way in terms of nutrition. Remember, the body does not count calories, it counts nutrition. 

You will be fascinated on how you will feel and how your injured body part or parts will begin assimilating the change in diet to raw fruits and vegetables. Remember, we are the only species of life that cooks its own food. A lot of people well say that is because we are smarter than the animals, but I have not seen an  obese giraffe, or other animals dying of heart attacks and cancer at the rate that is occurring in the United States. Just look at our kids and how they are developing obesity and diabetes at an alarming rate! Something is wrong and all evidence points to our diet or what we are taught to put in our mouths. If you have any doubt that your injury case will not improve by incorporating more raw fruits and vegetables, I encourage you to try it and see. Make a "whole foods" run at whole foods, and try your best to buy organic and obtain the ripest fruits and vegetables as possible. It is a little more expensive, but in a day and age where you can buy a 99 cents hamburger, something is definitely wrong with our priorities in terms of diet.

The video above has Ms. Charlotte Gerson, daughter of famed German scientist, Dr. Max Gerson (the Gerson Institute), giving her opinion on the matter. I encourage you to research this question on your own and increase the use of fresh raw fruits and vegetables in your diet if you have not already done so. Experience is also a great teacher and it may make a believer out of you in good time when it comes to meat ingestion. If you have any questions, feel free to pick up the telephone and call me directly at (619) 813-7955.
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