As a parent of a minor child who is in your physical and legal custody, you are well advised to supervise your minor children and make everything in your power to prevent them from getting in violent fights, conflict with others, and intentionally causing injuries, as California law imposes serious liability on parents of minor children in such circumstances without hesitation.

In addition to any liability for negligent supervision of minor children who cause injury or damage to property, a parent or a guardian is liable under California law, Civil Code section 1714.1, for intentional misconduct of a minor child (such as criminal acts, or destruction of public or private property, etc.) Any act of a minor child which results in injury or death to another person or damage to property will be imputed to the parent for all purposes of civil damages (the parent or guarding having custody (physical custody and not just legal custody required). The liability of a parent for each such act by a minor child was originally limited to $25,000.00 in damages when this California law was enacted, but is being adjusted by judicial council every two years and is currently at about $35,000.00.  The law does change so please be mindful of any changes that may have occurred.

If the insurance coverage applies to the injury or damage caused by a minor, the insurer will not be liable for more than $10,000.00 of the total sum of damages caused by the minor child’s conduct.

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