On Saturday, July 4, 2009, police say Mr. Sucru Safacinar, who is originally from Turkey, was employed as a Pedicab driver and picked up a Ms. Sharon Miller, a 60-year-old lady from out of town, so she could be transported in the Pedicab. San Diego is very familiar with the Pedicab drivers as they can be seen throughout the week, and especially on weekend nights to transport the public. Unfortunately, Mr. Safacinar made an “unsafe move” which caused Ms. Sharon Miller to be thrown from the pedicab striking her head on the concrete pavement and was ultimately pronounced brain dead by the University of California at San Diego Medical Center.

Apparently there has been some concern about the Pedicab industry in San Diego; and the San Diego city council committee recently passed new regulations for pedicabs by limiting their number on San Diego downtown streets from 400 to 250. The city would like to make it a requirement for all Pedicab drivers to have a California drivers license to help ensure they all know the rules of the road. That regulation would require a change to the current California Vehicle Code. According to Police Detectives, this unfortunate accident happened on the Martin Luther King Promenade which is across the street from the San Diego Convention Center in the Southern part of the downtown area, which can, and does get quite congested with traffic and Pedicabs. Apparently, the Pedicabs are not allowed in this area.

Mrs. Miller was in town for the National Education Association which was holding a convention and she was in town with her husband. At the time of the accident, she was with a friend. According to published reports, Mr. Safacinar was driving the Pedicab in a serpentine type pattern in order to give the riders more of a “thrilling” ride. Police detectives have went on to say that the occupants asked Mr. Safacinar to stop that type of riding but he did not. I am very sorry to hear about this unfortunate accident and wish the family well.

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